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Hope Filled Futures

AUCTION - accepting bids from July 8th-July 14th 2019

The proceeds from this auction will go towards starting the first building on our new land. The conflicts between government forces (Francophones) and secessionists (Ambazonian) forces (Anglophones) has greatly increased. Fighting has continued and gotten much worse in the villages area, of which the area nearest our orphanage is a hotbed of fighting. The road past the current orphanage property has been blocked for nearly a year and while the roads are opened 2 days a week for motorcycle traffic it is still dangerous for our staff when they travel. Our children are basically trapped there. We have had money come in to rent a place to move them to temporarily but we are looking towards a permanent solution: to this end we are looking to raise $10,000 to start our first building on the new land we are purchasing. The monies raised during this auction will go towards that building.

To bid on these items send an email to: [email protected] (click on button below) with the box number and amount of your bid. The highest bidder wins. Items will ship or will be delivered (to those who are local/near Cocoa, FL) when monies come in: be sure to specify that it is marked for the building and what box you won. If you wish to donate towards the building please send donations to: HFF PO Box 236342 Cocoa, FL 32923, or via paypal (see our above email) or online via: click on button below then click on add or change funds and select the auction or building fund.

Have fun and thank you for your support!

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BOX 1:

Ceramic tea pot (~7 cups), 1 mug (~16 oz), 2 packs of Cameroon tea

Starting bid: $40

BOX 2:

ceramic creamer, sugar bowl, expresso cup and saucer, mini Cameroon coffee (8 oz) and 10" woven basket

Starting bid: $40

BOX 3:

Ceramic pitcher (~ 6 cups), Mug (~16 oz), saucer and mini Cameroon coffee (8 oz)

Starting bid: $35


Ceramic Mug (~16 oz), saucer, spoon rest, wooden basket and box of tea

Starting bid: $35


Ceramic mug (~16 oz), saucer, wooden basket, full Cameroon coffee (16 oz) and box of Cameroon tea

Starting bid: $35


Ceramic mug (~16 oz), spoon rest wooden basket, Full Cameroon Coffee (16 oz), box of Cameroon tea

Starting bid: $35


2 ceramic mugs (~16 oz each), full Cameroon coffee (16 oz), Cameroon coffee beans, box of tea

Starting bid: $35

Box 8

2 woven baskets/bowls: 10" and 7"

2 woven divets (hot pads): ~12 ' and 6"

Starting bid: $25


Fabric bag Black background. Approx: 15" high and 13" wide, just a couple of inches deep

Starting bid: $20

BOX 10

Woven divet (~7"), bowl, (~10") and basket (8 1/2" high 7" round)

Starting bid $30

BOX 11

1 M of cloth purchased in a Cameroon market

Starting bid: $25

BOX 12

Musical instruments purchased in Cameroon market

Starting bid: $25

BOX 13

Woven basket made and purchased in a remote village of Cameroon

~18" high, top (oblong: ~16" X 13") base (square 9")

(could use for laundry or next to sofa etc...)

Starting bid: $50 (partially to help cover the cost of shipping)

BOX 14:

Sword made in Cameroon village of unknown metal. Total length 30". Assume its a leather scabbard that has braided strap and decorations.

Starting bid: $45

BOX 15:

Sword made in Cameroon village with unknown metal.

total length 30" with small knife (6 1/2") in small shieve on main scabbard.

Starting Bid: $45