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Hope Filled Futures


While renting a building in town will get the children out of the more dangerous areas we need something more permanent. Please consider giving towards building on the new land. Once we are done with the first floor we can move the children there in their permanent new home. We need $10,000 towards the first floor of the new building.

We were given a lot of construction equipment. A huge blessing... but much of it wasn't well kept. So we need to repair some before we can use it. There is a brick making machine and bobcat we can use when we purchase the land, but we can also use to make money. We need around $1500 to get the machines serviced and running good again.

We want to eliminate the need for cooking over wood fires. We have discovered a relatively easy way to use "stinky gas"...methane produced from the septic that is on the property. We would no longer need to cook with wood or buy propane. We need piping, 3 barrels and some other misc. equipment... $350 would do this.

We have been blessed with solar panels that provide light for the children. We want to double it so we can put in additional lighting...while what we have is okay we want even better lighting for the children's study times etc... We need $500 to do that.

To help fund a project

Send your tax deductible gifts/checks to

HFF is a 501c3 public charity organization

EIN 46-4713148:

Hope Filled Futures

PO Box 236342

Cocoa, FL 32923

Make sure to specify what you want your donation to go towards.

Or give through Paypal....visit the web store.

To give online: click on the button below. Then click on add/change fund to let us know where you want your donation to go. We are partnering with Faithlife to provide a way for our donors to be able to give securely online.

or you can call 321-536-2320.




We need to move the children in closer to Bamenda. There is land 5 K outside of town that we can purchase. There are several good schools within 2 K from the property. It is 1/3 hectare of land for $60,000 we have raised $30,332 towards it so far.. We would use the current property to help train widows with small children and single mothers how to start their own business and manage money etc... It would be a 2 year program and would be a huge blessing to young woman here in Cameroon.

The building was poorly built ...we need $650 to put in a minimum of 5 pillars.

We found a 2 hectare piece of land to rent for farming. If you are interested in helping to get it started we need $1000 for 2 years rent, $400 for the first round of seeds, $150 to move the tractor and farm equipment out to the land and another $300 to put a small secure building on the land for the equipment. Fund a portion or all of it to get this project up and running. .

$210 ($70 each for a younger male and 2 females) needed for a new breeding pair of pigs. They are in need of “fresh” breeding stock.

Mango, guava, papaya, banana, avocado and many more fruit trees could be planted on the orphanage properties . For $100 you could provide a healthy source of vitamins/nutrients for many years.

We need more goats. It cost $70 per goat.

We are wanting to improve the solar water heating system so we can produce hot water for all the needs. We need $500 to do that..